Map of Karori Mountain Bike Park


This takes all grades from beginners to extreme. There are up to 40 kms of tracks and work on the tracks is on-going. We limited ourselves to grades 2 and 3 - the easier tracks - along the Koru track to Sally Alley then down the Swigg and Starfish. But the Magic Carpet and Missing Link looked interesting at Grade 2.

The grand circuit is what's recommended: a 12km loop up Koru to Sally Alley, through Missing Link to the Aratihi track to the top, down the Ridge line and back through the Swigg and Starfish.

Some of the intermediate alleys have you  twisting round tree roots and sudden corners, lungs pumping like bellows, trying to keep your bike upright. You may end up walking some sections! Choose well.

On the banner above you can see broken gear wheels hammered to a tree - a biker's memorial. If you stick to grades 2 and 3 as we did, you'll have a great time. Be careful.


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