Cycling Eastbourne to Pencarrow Lighthouse


Cycling to Pencarrow Lighthouse from Burdan's Gate Eastbourne


At  the mouth of Wellington Harbour on the north side. Leave from Burdan's Gate at the end of Muritai Rd, Eastbourne and follow a 4-wheel drive road out to the historic Pencarrow Lighthouse (the 1st in NZ). From there, on to Fitzroy Bay and Baring Head. Private land blocks the route over to the Wairarapa from Baring Head and you'll have to return to Burdan's Gate by the same route. If you're interested you can take a challenging diversion round the back of Lake Kohangatera (click here) and rejoin the route back. Leave yourself several hours for it. Scenic views of Wellington Harbour, the heads, and open ocean. Can be breezy. About 30k return. Level. Not paved but not rough.

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