Biking the Hutt Valley River trail


map for biking the Hutt Valley River Trail

You can make it a day's trip, or a morning's ride. You can go the full length of the Valley (about 58km return) or drop out wherever you want. eg. it's 30km return from Hikoikoi to Silverstream.The trail runs from Petone (Hikoikoi Reserve, START on the map) to the head of the Hutt Valley (Birchville).

Make sure you go over the Birchville Bridge not under it or you'll miss your turning. Go up one side of the river and come back the other. It's a very easy gradient and popular though not over-crowded.

Start at any point along the trail. The tracks are well-maintained whether single track or 4-wheel drive and the landscape changes constantly. Everything is well marked with River Trail signs, though there are short sections where you'll need to use the roads (soon to change) The route is constantly being improved. It's a thoroughly enjoyable trip. If the wind fights you on the way up it helps you on the way back.

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