Biking round France on a Bike Friday, route map

We are husband and wife who bike for the fun of it and the exercise; ramblers and explorers who enjoy a workout. We aren't into performance cycling. We own foldable Bike Fridays (for more on Bike Friday, click here). We sometimes tour for days or weeks pulling trailers but we also like poking round local trails and backroads without them.

Our Bike Fridays have taken us all over the world - meaning particularly France and Japan, but mainly round New Zealand. They're small but they are very robust and well-engineered. Lots of gears (27). You can pant up almost anything in a low gear.

We've biked about 10,000 kms on these bikes. This website carries accounts and maps and pictures of where we've been since we bought them about 10 years ago.

The neat thing about Bike Fridays is that they are tailor-made to suit your particular frame so they're comfortable to ride. Another neat thing is that they do their air travel inside a regular Samsonite suitcase, and the suitcase becomes your trailer when you get to your destination and start your biking. The bike comes out and your travel stuff goes in. We carted this combo round France for almost 3 months and we never had a leak or a problem. The trailer tracked so well behind the bike you barely knew it was there, though you noticed it when it wasn't!

The another great thing about the suitcase/trailer is that is saves a lot in airfares because it travels as regular luggage without the need for special bike bags and additional freight costs.

Below are links to accounts of the places we've been. We hope they're informative.



New Zealand

Otago Rail Trail

Marlborough Sounds

Round Mount Taranaki

Around Wellington, NZ

Paekakariki Circuit

Along the Hutt River

Wellington Bays

Whiteman's Valley

Moonshine Road

Eastbourne to Pencarrow Lighthouse


Karori Mountain Bike Park

Wellington Harbour Trip

to be continued ...